Saturday, 18 December 2010



The fascist German sausage sucking bastards have been telling their lies for years.  They tell people that the English people are from the Saxon & hence are of German extraction.  It is a lie; check out the debate that can be found on the Internet regarding the genes of the British.  One recent survey by academics with German sounding names claims our genes are 85 per cent from the Saxon.  A second more in-depth survey that took DNA samples from a much larger number of people and from a great number of locations claims that less than 15 per cent of our genes are from the Saxon.  It is about time this was rubber stamped because it is a thread used in fascist propaganda when they tell people we are of German extraction.

The problem in this country is that many people have a political and historical vacuum in their head and it is being filled by fascist shit.

Our Bothers North Of The Border would sometimes use the word Sassenach when I was in the Army, a word used to denigrate the English but the fact is the true meaning of Sassenach is Saxon Like and the 85 per cent of the English that are not from the Saxon can use the term themselves to denigrate the Saxon Like & who are the Saxon Like?

The Saxon Like are fascists!

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