Saturday, 18 December 2010

Saxon Bastards – St Peters – a recent debate in a Sunderland pub

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The Saxons were here

I know they were in this country

I mean they were in this region; St Peters near the river is a Saxon church

Who told you that?

It is well known

Is it?


Well I’ll tell ye what mate I am not so sure that is true, yes the Saxons were in the region but was St Peters a Saxon church?

Yes it is well known

Well if ye ask me it needs further research, you see St Bede wrote about the Saxons, I have never read anything that he has written, but the fact is he wrote about them because he was not one of them & it is about time some fucker did some research into it because I guess if someone did do research into it they would find that the monks who built the church were not likely to be Saxons.

But it has pagan elements built into the building

That is correct.  Two crossed snakes either side of the main door but that is not proof that the Saxons built it.  I would say as likely as not those snakes were put there as a greeting by the Christian monks to any surrounding heathen pagan Saxon bastards in an attempt to save their shitty souls. So stick that one in ye pipe and smoke it till someone comes along with better research.

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