Saturday, 18 December 2010

From The Onset

To the start
You don’t have to read between the lines
To see it’s from the heart
Will the rotten stink make you want to think?
Will you catch a nod?
Will you catch a wink?
Will you get a prod?
& Perchance a thought of God?
Did God make the galaxies?
The stars and moon above?
Did he make the earth?
Did he give life to all those born at birth?
Did he make the trees?
And the breeze that rustles leaves?
Did he make all mankind?
Did he make the white man?
Did he make the African?
& The people of the Southern Sea?

The Spanish?
The British?
The Southern Irish?
The Polish?
The Turkish?
The Chinese?
The Japanese?
The Americans?
The South Africans?
The Bazillions?
The Argentineans?

What of the Arians?

God’s creation
For all to see

& The fascists want to take this from eternity

For their mindset state
Is filled with hate

And they would wipe out God’s creation
So that only they will be

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