Saturday, 18 December 2010

Saxon Bastards – Genes – a recent debate in a Sunderland pub

You are racist

What me fucking racist?
How do you work that one out?

Because you slander the German people

Ha-ha-ha you have got ye head up your arse, I do nothing of the fucking sort, I have nothing against German people, it’s the German pig fucking Nazi fascist bastards I don’t like.  OK what in your opinion are the dominant genes of the British?


Well I don’t believe that for one minute but the fact is you believe it and as you believe it what are the dominant genes that I am likely to have.


So does that mean in your eyes that I am of German extraction?


So how is that racist?
If I were of German extraction I would only be calling my own kin.

But you don’t believe it

Yes daft arse but you believe it so I cannot be racist ye stupid fascist shithead.  Get back ta Germany where ye belong.

If you do not believe you are from the Saxon where are you from.

Well in this part of the world the Vickings settled and I pray to God I am from the Vikings, who the fuck wants ta come from sausage sucking Saxons?

What happens if you were from the Saxon

If I found out that I would keep quiet about it and possibly hide my head in a bucket of shit in embarrassment.  I’ll tell ye what lads there is a debate on the Internet regarding the genes of the British.  One group from some obscure college in London that includes researchers with German sounding names claims Saxon genes dominate the genes of British people.  But there is a second more in depth survey that has taken DNA from a larger number of people than the first survey and from a larger number of location that claims that the British have less than 15 per cent of Saxon genes, which one is right, which one is wrong, who fucking knows, I wish they could rubber stamp the bastard then it might stop these fascist bastard BNP wankers from telling their lies.

But you are racist.

Fuck off.  Fucking fascist bastard, you fucking lot hate every fucker under the sun but hairy ones.  I’m not racist it’s you bastards who are racist.

What are hairy ones?

Not hairy ones, fucking hairy-ons, the hairy-ons.  The Arians daft arse, fucking Hitler made it up, pretended the Germans were from Gods when in fact the Germans are from Barb-Hairy-Ons.  Just look at the film Gladiator, the intelligent people of the day are at the bottom of the hill.  The people the Germans came from are at the top of the hill, the Barb-Hairy-Ons.  Fucking hairy arsed bastards. And do ye know what lads, the fascists love the Hairy-Ons so much that they regard them as the number one race.  Is that right?

Yes the German people are the number one race.

And so people where does that leave the British?

As far as they are concerned they tell young kids that they are number two.  Fucking number two my arse the British are not number two to any hairy arsed bastards so fuck off.  The problem in this country is that there is a political and historical vacuum in the minds of many people so when these bastards come along they fill that vacuum with their shit and before ye know it the kids think they are from German extraction.

But the Saxons were here.

Yes that cannot be denied but get yourself on the Internet and check it out.  All the experts claim that the Saxons that came here numbered no more than between 50,000 to 200,000 and are we to believe that such a number end off dominating the genes of the British when at the time of their arrival there were approximately 4 million Britons living in these Islands.  What is interesting regarding those two surveys regarding our genes is that after the first survey by the German sounding researchers, the second more in depth survey sited the first survey.  The German sounding researchers then came back and without mention of the second survey they gave there reasons for claiming our genes are dominated by the Saxon.  Have ye heard the song, Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.  Well that is almost precisely what they claimed.  They said the Saxons dominate our genes because they used, wait for it, would you believe, they claimed they used an early form of Apartheid on the indigenous people of these Islands.  A fucking fascist mentality that goes back almost one thousand five hundred years and the bastards are claiming we were their slaves.  In June or July 2006 there was even an article in the National Geographic about it.  So fuck you fascist bastard.

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