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Some British Army Nicknames & Others


Everyone in the British Army with a surname Clarke is nicknamed NOBBY.  If there was more than one Squaddie with the surname Clarke in a Regiment then they became NOBBY ONE, NOBBY TWO & so on.


Are nicknamed BABYFACE

It is/was common while on parade for the Sergeant to shout:

Does ye mother know ye here?
Have ye fucking wrote & told her?
Have ye?
She does know doesn’t she?

A gang of bikers thought they might have a go with us in a pub in Holland, but then they realised we were soldiers & I said, Babyface here would hit any bastard in the face with a spanner as soon as look at them.  Is that right Babyface show them ye Fuckface.  He pulled his Fuckface and I had to struggle to stop laughing because he looked like Popeye.

The leader of the bikers came over to me and I thought we were going to get into it but he called the barman over and ordered a round of drinks for us and he and his gang left.

In my day we had a few nicknames taken from the MUPPETS

There was Angelica, Geordie Crosley’s bit, better know to the lads as MISS PIGGY

(Angelica was also the beautiful name of my German girlfriend)

GONZO a 13 squadron lad fee Glazgee

Most people did not normally call him Gonzo, they would say ALRIGHT GONZO ye UGLY BASTARD



Why da ya call me Jock?

Thought ye would prefer it

Well I’d prefer ye to call me Gonzo

OK if that’s what ye want
Ye Ugly Bastard


We also had Yogi in Two Seven after Yogi Bear the cartoon character because he was as big as a bear

Then there was Softyboy read about his nickname further down the Blog

A Jock in Britain is not some sort of sportsman it is the name for the bothers North of Border in Scotland.


Nil Desperandum Auspice Deo

Don't Despair, Trust in God
The motto of Sunderland

The regional nicknames are difficult even for civvies in Britain to understand.  Most people would think of someone with the nickname Geordie is from Newcastle.

This is something that is new, for years a Geordie was someone from the North East.

The Jocks being close to the Geordies would not be thinking of Newcastle when they said, Ya would nee have an Army if it was nee for the Jocks & Geordies.

When being friendly they would say to us Sunderland lads, Ye fuckin Geordie bastards are just Jocks wa ye heed bashed in.

And when the Sunderland lads felt friendly we would say, Ye fucking Jock bastards are just Geordies with ye heed bashed in.

The Mags (Mapies being the nickname of Newcatle Utd) give the nickname the Mackems to people of Sunderland and then attempted to claim the nickname Geordie for themselves.  But I guess old habits die hard & I would bet the Jocks and just about everyone else in the Army calls everyone from the region Geordie.

A Geordie in my day came from an area approximately starting near Seahouses & then south to about Middlesborough, then diagonally over to the west coast around Carlisle and the diagonally back to Seahouses.

The Geordies are those that live within that triangle.

In Two Seven we had two squaddies nicknamed Geordie from Carlisle.

Finally a new nickname was coined in the bar of the Londonderry pub in Sunderland and other places.

The Mags (A Sunderland nickname for the Magpies) give the people from Sunderland the nickname the Mackums because we say mac instead of make, like mac a cup of tea & we say tac instead of take, like tac this to the shop.

In Newcastle they say doon instead of down & toon instead of town.

So in thanks to those north of the Tyne for giving us Mackems, in the Londonderry I gave them the DOONERS.

After we were given Mackems there was a search for the first recorded use of the word in print so that it could be put on record for the purpose of placing the word in a dictionary.

Well it is possible that there is some other recorded use of the word DOONERS but as I made up the word I know I have not told that many people yet so this is very likely to be the first ever recorded use of the word DOONERS.

©Geordie Gardiner

Just think if we never had Mackems


Kind of cool


Sunderland rule

Should ye need glasses that's 12th December 2010

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