Saturday, 18 December 2010

Saxon Bastards – The Language – a recent debate in a Sunderland pub

But the fact that English is Germanic proves that the Saxons had a great influence and is in part proof that the genes of the British are Saxon.

Bullshit, it’s about time they got round to sorting out the fucking language, you fascist bastards have been going on about the language for as long I as can remember.  The debate is as old as the hills yet it has still not been sorted out.  Get on the Internet, while some groups claim our language is up to 85 per cent from the Saxon there are other groups that claim that 85 per cent of our language comes from the Latin & the Greek via the French who brought it to our shore during the Norman Conquest after the battle of Hastings in 1066.  Fuck me it’s about time they sorted that one out, I am no language expert but it would seem to me that it is only a matter of a word count, can it be that fucking hard to work out.  One thing for sure 85 & 85 never come to a hundred when I was at school.

But there are many words in the English language that come from the Saxon.

Well if 85 per cent come from the Latin and the Greek then less than 15 per cent come from the Saxon so fuck off.

But you cannot prove it.

Aye and you cannot either but one day it will be proven one way or the other then you can fuck off back to Germany because English is English and not fucking German & if they prove it is from the Latin and the Greek we might finally get rid of the idea the English language is Germanic.

How can you say less than 15 per cent is Saxon?

Because you fuckers just go on sounds like.  If an English word sounds like a German word you presume it is from the Saxon, but that is crap, have you ever thought that perchance a particular world in English and German might have come from some other source such as the Norse of the Vikings.  Fucking wanker.

But the English language is Germanic and it is from the Saxon.

No it is fucking well not and no one can say that until it is finally sorted out one way or the other and until that happens you cannot say it is Germanic ye square headed bastard.

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