Saturday, 18 December 2010

Conversation with Fanny Magnet Too in the Bar of the Londonderry in Sunderland

(For American readers: Fanny in England does not mean bottom, in England it is an alternative world for a woman’s virgina)

What about that nigger bastard Kelly Holmes ye love that nigger bastard don’t ye?

I’ve got a good mind to stove ye fucking head in bastard

Ha-ha-ha I suppose you think she is British don’t ye?

Well I don’t think of her as being British in the way you do wanker, she did win two gold medals for Britain in the Olympics and as an athlete I guess she probably completed for Britain more times than for England in the Commonwealth Games and such.

So if you do not see her as British in the same way as I do how do you see her?

She is fucking English

No niggers are British never mind English

You ye shit brained wankfest fascist German bastard pimmlekofp, I suppose you regard yourself as British?


She has an English mother

A nigger loving whore

Ooooo you fucccKing Baassstard, she has an English mother, she was born in England, she was a sergeant in the British Army, she won two gold medals for her country and she has done more for her country then you and a boat load of fascist bastards have ever done.  What have you ever done ye German bastard, fucking born in Stuttgart with a German mother and father, it’s fucking you who is not British ye bastard.  I have a good mind to pull ye fucking head off ye square headed bastard.

Geordie mate just leave it for now he’s a fucking idiot, just be cool for a while and see how things pan out.

OK mate that’s cool


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