Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hidden Pt I

Hidden Pt I (In time to becom Hidden Pt III)
And there ye go

I’ll even let ye have it free for household use and education purses.  All other users are reminded this unique image of Comic History will only have any lasting value if you are shrewd enough to order a genuine signed copy of ENHANCED VERSIONS most asked for product and greatest seller.  Known simply as the Cunt Sign.

For only a £1000 you too can have a Signed Cunt Sign
A bargain at only £1000
With vouchers for other products thrown in while stock last
The Digitally Enhanced Signed “CUNT SIGN” by ENHANCED VERSIONS.  And on a special for the next few weeks I will also give free vouchers for local Sunderland chippies.

What more do you want?

Ye greedy bastards.




  2. Hi there WackAttack

    Down the track
    Cool video
    Cool ladies

    Wish it was with me