Saturday, 18 December 2010

Another Fascist Slagging Match – The Lampton Worm Pub 4th 11 2010

(this account might seem bizarre and totally unbelievable but I can assure anyone reading this that it is totally true) 

Your youngest son is a homosexual

So what?

How does that make you feel?

I love him no less

Does that not make you feel a little inferior?
Having a homosexual for a son

Not really you see the sex of a child comes from the father

What do you mean?

If a child is going to be born a baby girl or a baby boy has something to do with the fathers DNA.

What’s that got to do with it?

If you let me finish without keep butting in then you might fucking understand but I doubt it.  Let’s fucking start again.  The sex of a child, whether it is going to be male or female is down to the father’s DNA but the sexuality of the child whether it is heterosexual or homosexual is down to the Mother’s DNA.  So that means that any hairy arsed Para can have a homosexual child and it also means you can have one also.  Can I ask you a question?


You know the Eagles Nest?

Yes it was Hitler’s birthday present.

I thought you would, very good, top of the class.  Now imagine if you were on guard in the Eagles Nest during the second world war and Hitler came past and after looking over you he said, “soldier you are a credit to the Nazi party, you are so well turned out and you look so hansom I would like you to get down on your knees and suck my cock.  Would you do it?


You would!


That’s what I thought.  What about Heinrich Himmler, under similar circumstances would you suck his cock?


What about Hess?


What about the fat bastard Göring, would you suck his cock?


What about that ugly bastard, the propaganda minister who killed all his family?

Joseph Goebbels!

That’s the ugly bastard, would you suck his cock?


Now although you might not realise it the fact is that now everyone here tonight in this pub recognises you as a closet poofter and if I were you I would suggest you get yourself down to the Central on gay night and with a bit luck someone will let you suck their cock because you are obviously a homosexual.

No I am not

Yes you fucking are, you are telling me you would go down on the big nobs of the Third Reich and after telling me that you think I believe you are not a homosexual, fuck you will be telling me you don’t sit down for a piss next.  Now fuck off down the Central and suck some nob.


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